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Turnkey Distribution System

Our Mission is to provide you wth a reliable turnkey distribution system, also known as "fulfillment 3PL." This includes on time pick-up and delivery service, matching documentation that tracks the shipment from start to finish; Clean modern warehousing facilities, staffed with experienced personnel using computerized inventory and shipping systems; as well as providing EDI and web integration.

Warehouse Storage

warehouse photo

Courier Systems offers warehouse storage at 180 Pulaski Street,Bayonne, New Jersey for $2.20 per square foot per year +3N.

Additional warehouses are located in Bridgeton, New Jersey and Salem, New Jersey .

We give you integrated cost choices.

You can store some inventory 20 minutes outside of Manhattan for convenience and the rest in Southern New Jersey for one-half of the cost.

storage example within warehouse
GOH; clothing inventory

Secure Warehousing

All warehouses are fully secured, insured and equipped with sprinkler systems.

  • Textile warehousing and clothing warehousing
  • Fur storage
  • Liquid storage
  • Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage
  • Storage of frozen or refrigerated goods
  • Document and office records storage


Our systems are computerized to help you with shipping, inventory management and accounting. Built on the highly reliable IBM mainframe.

Our system gives you:

  • Realtime information on shipping costs and inventory.
  • Automatic lookup for UPS shipment delivery times and signatures.
  • Help with reorders, reporting and accounting with data export ability to Excel, and other formats.

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